Community solar is a fantastic way to power homes, help residents save on electric bills and reduce air pollution. 

A community solar project is a solar array that's placed on a large building in the community like a parking garage, warehouse, or a  brownfields. It generates clean power that residents and businesses owners can subscribe to use to power their homes or business. Subscribers receive a credit on their utility bill for participating in a community solar project. These cost savings can make a difference especially at a time when other bills and costs of consumer goods are going up!

Solar energy is one of our best tools to fight the climate crisis, but not every family can afford solar panels. Renters can’t install them, and not every roof is right for solar panels. Community solar solves these challenges by placing solar panels on places in the community and letting nearby residents subscribe to those community solar installations. 

If you get your power from the electric company and there is a community solar project near you, you’re eligible to participate. The current pilot program even reserves 51% of capacity for projects that serve low- and moderate- income customers. 

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