The New Jersey Wind Works Coalition is grassroots campaign that brings together environmental, business, and faith-based advocates in support of responsible offshore wind projects and the state’s transition to clean and renewable sources of energy. The campaign works in communities across the Jersey Shore to inform the public, especially local communities closest to some of
the planned offshore wind installations, on ways they can constructively engage with and support these proposals. 

The first of several projects proposed off the New Jersey Coast, Ocean Wind aims to build an 1,100-Megawatt wind farm 15 miles off the Cape May County coast to power more than 500,000 New Jersey homes. That’s the equivalent of taking one of New Jersey’s largest power plants offline – permanently. It will dramatically improve air quality in the Garden State, which worsens asthma and other cardiac and pulmonary conditions.

Another early project, Atlantic Shores, would power 700,000 homes and deliver more than $800 million in economic benefits to New Jersey. The 1,510 Megawatt project would utilize a network of domestic supplies and specialized marine transport vessels and support  thousands of local jobs.

The New Jersey Wind Works campaign will advocate to ensure that these projects serve as ladders of opportunity for traditionally disadvantaged communities, particularly women, low-income families and communities of color.

The Atlantic Ocean offers New Jersey a major source of previously untapped wind flow, a clean and renewable source of energy that will allow the state’s residents to have energy needs met in safe, reliable, and sustainable ways.

To learn more, visit the New Jersey Wind Works website