The We The People coalition is made up of labor institutions, advocacy groups, and grassroots groups that support an inclusive democracy and is dedicated to the hard work required to make structural change. We aim to improve citizens’ access to power, through increased voting access, but also removing the barriers to meaningful civic engagement. We will use a variety of tactics, from litigation to legislation, from community organizing to capacity building. This coalition is the hub for the power building and long term structural change that will restore real democracy to the people of NJ. 

Our Initial Focus: 

  • Build Voter Participation: Increase civic engagement capacity in marginalized communities. Methods include voter outreach, our work toward abolishing the county ballot line and restoring fusion voting. 
  • Money in Politics: Launch anti-corruption reforms aimed at reducing pay to play and County government power and controls.
  • Ethics Reform: Provide accountability and transparency so that state and local governments work for the people, not for wealthy corporate interests.

To learn more, visit the We The People website.