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Environmental advocates, elected officials applaud BPU decision to dismiss spurious anti-offshore wind petition

Environmental advocates have issued the following statements in response to action taken today by the state Board of Public Utilities:

Here in Atlantic City, we’re at ground zero with tidal flooding becoming the norm. It’s so bad, our children have ’“flood days’ off from school. Offshore wind electricity will play a huge part in growing our economy with union jobs that also provide training for local people in environmental justice communities, as well as the economic ripple effect in surrounding areas that are already seeing benefits. This clean electric energy will help power our homes, cars and businesses while decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions, which will save lives and livelihoods. Offshore wind is a big part of a future balance where humanity works with the natural world instead of abusing it — a future where our children will have the right to a healthy life free of pollution that causes asthma and life-threatening chronic ailments — a future free of dirty fossil fuels

  • Atlantic County Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick

We applaud the Board of Public Utilities for standing firm in its support of a clean energy transition by rejecting a spurious petition filed by extremist groups designed to hamstring our offshore wind industry.

Opponents of offshore wind, many of whom are funded by shadowy fossil fuel interests, are pursuing a strategy of lies, delays and obstruction designed to prevent New Jersey’s transition to a clean energy economy. Voters decisively rejected this extreme MAGA agenda in last month’s elections, and we look forward to working with Governor Murphy, the BPU and legislative leaders as we position New Jersey as a leader in offshore wind.

Clean energy, including responsibly developed offshore wind, doesn’t just tackle climate change. It will also create thousands of union jobs, grow our economy and improve air quality in over-burdened Black and brown communities that currently bear the brunt of fossil fuels.

While we’re sure this won’t be the last tactic opponents try, environmental advocates stand ready to continue combating lies with the truth about clean energy and offshore wind.

  • Ed Potosnak, Executive Director, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

Save LBI and similar groups masquerading as environmental advocates have ignored thousands of pages of data and analysis.  They persist in claims about adverse impacts have been discredited time and time again.  This is the most recent desperate attempt of a few people to stop a project that will benefit all of New Jersey environmentally and economically.

  • Anne Poole, President, NJ Environmental Lobby