“This week's 1,500-acre wildfire in Wharton State Forest, along with the devastating wildfires in Hawaii and across North America this summer, are reminders that we are in a climate crisis. Families across New Jersey and the United States don't need to imagine the effects of climate change - we are experiencing them right now. We are keeping the first responders and those affected by these tragedies in our hearts, and we know if we don’t take bold action now toward a 100% clean energy future, these extreme events will be our new normal,” said Allison McLeod, Senior Policy Director, New Jersey LCV. “We need decisive climate action now to protect public health, our communities, and our way of life for future generations. It's long past time to stop our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and move toward an equitable clean energy future, including responsibly developed offshore wind and solar, to stop the most disastrous effects of climate change. We can no longer afford to wait.”