Solar Energy

Decarbonization is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through the use of low-carbon power sources in order to achieve a lower output of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  Keeping clean energy affordable is critically important, as low electricity prices will help ensure that consumers choose electric heating and cooling technologies over natural gas for manufacturing and heating, and electric vehicles over those powered by fossil fuels.

Primary Concerns:

  • New Jersey has been faced with numerous new fossil fuel infrastructure project proposals in recent years, including gas and oil pipelines, compressor stations, gas-fired power plants, and liquefied natural gas terminals.
  • Gas utilities and regulators continue to operate in a business-as-usual framework assuming static or increased natural gas usage without reconciliation with New Jersey’s climate and clean energy objectives.
  • New Jersey needs a suite of policies that will continue to ensure growth in New Jersey solar, along with continued reductions in its cost, while also ensuring that ratepayer expenditures on clean energy resources result in maximum reduction in CO2 from all state and regional power plants.
  • A renewed interest in offshore wind development has jump-started regulatory activities, and meaningful stakeholder engagement and protection of species of concern, and New Jersey’s commercial and recreational fishing industries need to meet that pace.
  • The current electrical grid is not prepared to handle new clean energy projects.
  • Additional support is needed to implement new school-based climate education programs.
  • Environmental stewardship, environmental justice, and climate change standards are not embedded in Career Technical Education.
  • Standards and vocational-technical high school curriculums lack such critical concepts that are considered best practices.

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New Jersey LCV Education Fund greatly appreciates each organization’s contributions and valued expertise shared in this effort as well as the immeasurable commitment put forward to protecting New Jersey’s environment:.

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